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SAVE up to 20% when you join us

By switching your Public Liability insurance policy to TradePoint Insurance , we guarantee to save you up to 20% on your current renewal price, on like for like Public Liability cover. Acceptance criteria and terms & conditions apply. See how it works.

Online Customers

1. Get a Public Liability quote from us online. You must make sure that the details you provide are the same, or as close as you can get, to your existing insurance renewal quote(s).

You’ll need to get to the “Summary of Quotation” page on our website and receive the “Full Quotation” email from us.

2. Ring Us: If we’re not cheaper, then please ring us on 0344 856 6886 (Monday to Thursday 08:00 – 20:00, and Friday 08:00 - 18:30).

You’ll need to tell our sales agent that you got a quote online, and that you’d like them to beat your renewal.

They’ll ask you how much your renewal price is, and ask you to send in proof of your renewal cover and price (see below)

Telephone quotations

If you’d like us to beat your renewal over the phone, please mention this to our sales agent at the start of your quote. If our quote isn’t cheaper than your current insurer, let our sales agent know how much you’re currently paying.

The agent will ask you to confirm details of your existing cover, and how much your current renewal quotation is for. They’ll also ask you to send proof of your renewal cover and price (see below).

Sending proof

You can send proof of your renewal cover and price to either, or via the post to:
Beat My Renewal
TradePoint Insurance
Mill Pool House, Mill Lane

If your current renewal is an email, it may be easiest to forward this to us at

If it’s a paper renewal, it may be easiest to snap a picture with a phone, and email this to us. We don’t need your whole renewal pack – just the key parts about cover and price.

You should keep the originals, as we cannot return documents sent to us relating to this offer

Terms and Conditions

The offer applies only to like for like cover to your existing Public Liability insurance policy
The discounted price is only available via the phone
The offer is only open to new customers of TradePoint Insurance taking out a Public Liability policy who have not claimed against a Public Liability or Employers’ Liability policy within the last 3 years
You will be required to send proof of your renewal quotation from your existing insurer, including details of your cover and premium (within 7 days). Failure to provide this proof may either prevent or delay the provision of insurance at the offer price, or the cancellation of your insurance, or we may adjust your policy or premium
The offer is based on the cover provided by our Essentials product
This offer is not open to customers purchasing via any affiliate sites including but not limited to Quidco, Topcashback, easyfundrasing or
TradePoint Insurance will not return any documentation received in conjunction with this offer
The product and insurer offered as part of this promotion is at the sole discretion of TradePoint Insurance, and may not be the product or insurer offered online
Underwriting terms, conditions and exclusions apply
There may be times when we are unable to offer cover, and our decision as to whether we wish to offer insurance is at our sole discretion
The offer is open to businesses located in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands
The discount is limited to £1,000 per policy (including Insurance Premium Tax).
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers
TradePoint Insurance reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point for any reason

Cashback terms and conditions

The £50 cashback will be paid via a cheque - made payable to the Van insurance policyholder
To obtain your £50 cashback, you will need to email us at with your name, postcode and reference number
The £50 cashback is limited to one per customer
This cashback offer can not be used in conjunction with any other cashback offers, including but not limited to Quidco, TopCashBack and EasyFundRaising
£50 cashback applies to customers with in-force Public Liability and Van policies only
Cheques must be presented for payment within 6 months of issue
Cheques will be dispatched to the address recorded against the Van insurance policy
Only one cheque per offer will be issued. Cheques that are lost, damaged or not presented will not be re-issued
Cashback is not available if your initial policy is cancelled prior to purchasing your second policy
Applies to existing Public Liability customers taking out a new Commercial Vehicle/ Van Insurance policy with us
Cheques will be issued on behalf of Trade Direct Insurance
TradePoint Insurance reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time
If you cancel your van insurance policy within the first 6 months, we reserve the right to withhold the cashback amount from any return premium that is due to you
Not available via online affiliate websites including but not limited to